Welcome Goddess! Divine Feminine Messages for June


The mood of June is exuberant, joyful, bright and lusty. The sixth month of the year is also a midpoint, where we can see how far we’ve come and make any needed adjustments. Stay the course or create new pathways to refresh the energy around us. The summer is a time for play, relaxation and light-hearted reflection as we more fully embrace our solar sides.

The goddess energies this month encourage our actions of pleasure: being in the moment, following our hearts desires and engaging all of our senses! Working with the divine feminine helps us to focus our ability, magnetizing our energy, drawing what we want ever closer to us.

Juno… Mind your business! I mean that literally. I am the Roman goddess of marriage and partnership but I also rule over the state; the state of the home, legal affairs and money. I assist in justice and fairness, bringing luck and fortune to those who act in ways that are reasonable and honest. If you request my help in such matters, I can oversee the process to make sure things play out in a balanced way. The wheel of karma is real and justice sought will be justly served.

Erzulie… Hello child!! Why so glum? The sun is shining, the plants are blooming, the birds are singing, the weather is warming…what a wonderful time to be alive. Be in this moment with me and savor life! Breathe it in – the embrace of your loved ones, the deliciousness of that meal you’re enjoying, the joy you bring into people’s lives. I am the West African goddess Erzulie of love, passion, protection and nurturing. I say, take good care of yourself because you’ve only one life to live so make it the BEST one. Yes we have our ups and downs and sometimes life turns us all around…but that’s the beauty of it all, don’t you see?? Without shadow, without light we can’t savor the contrast. It’s important to have both, to experience the depths of your soul, to know it all, to come back to love.

Mary Magdalene… My heart, my love is big enough to hold all of you; your hurts, your joys, your triumphs, your dreams, your fears, your disappointments…because I am life. You are too. You carry the spark of the divine within you and so you create the experience here on Earth as you choose. Be intentional with your actions for they are powered by your decisions. We are here to learn and grow and become the highest expressions of ourselves. So I pose this question to you: What kind of human experience do you wish to have? The universe is awaiting your choice; Divine love and light are here to support you in every way…but the responsibility of decision and action are yours alone.

The energy of these awesome goddesses is available for you to connect with this month…here are some possibilities:

Juno… Charity or volunteering with your favorite organization, becoming a big sister or big brother for a youth organization, helping a stranger, signing petitions for a great cause. Tending to the state of affairs around you brings favor and justice your way.

Erzulie… Indulging the senses with fresh cut flowers, a delicious coffee drink, yummy pastries, sitting in the sunshine with your face turned up and eyes closed, walking along a stream or creek, eating chocolate oh so slowly, giving yourself a foot massage before bed, waking up slowly in the morning with meditation music to ease into your day.

Mary Magdalene… Release and purification through cleansing, fasting, detoxing, etc. creating an energetic reset to get back to your essence. Allowing yourself to rest, sleep more and journaling your insights. Preparing your intentional space for new creations to come forth, aligned with love to express your truth. Taking responsibility for having the life you want.

(( Embrace love, keep your focus & be free ))

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