Welcome Goddess! Divine Feminine Messages for July


July is a time for ripening and expression, for holding sacred space within and for transformation. It’s a solar time yet we swim in the Cancerian season of water; this pull between the yearning for warmth and light as well as a slowing down to breathe, reflect and soak in the integration of what has passed…while we lazily prepare for the times to come. This month provides a turning point; our sacral chakras seek pleasure and our heart chakras open just a little more in the flowing.

The goddesses that join us this month are Cerridwen (pronounced Kerridwen), Venus and Anukhet…here to guide us in our heightened emotional flow and transformative times!

Cerridwen… I am the Celtic goddess of transformation and rebirth as well as a patron goddess of witches. You may not think of the summer as a season for transformation, but look at all that is coming into fullness. Plants are in full bloom. The sun is warming the earth and it’s a time of experiencing the energies rising within us as well as around us. There is a fire being stoked within our bellies that is asking to be expressed. Nurture your belly, get your rest and pay attention to your dreams; many messages are coming forth about your process. Consider where you were at this time last year; you might find yourself to be in a different place, a different person. I am here to comfort and guide you as you move with the energy that is rising through you. We all carry a cauldron within us.

Venus… I am the Roman goddess of love, beauty and wealth. I’m here to support you in your loving process: loving of the self, the loving of others, being love and expressing love. We start by embracing all of ourselves and being gentle with our hearts. When we act from the heart, wealth and prosperity come in more easily. We are able to see things with different eyes, with compassion and kindness. We see the beauty of situations where we might not have been able to see it before. I am here for your process; use my energy to soothe your heart and ease into love.

Anukhet… I am the Egyptian goddess of the Nile river. Being the personification of abundance, fertility, lush growth and sustenance. I am in a constant flow and my waters provide the necessary element needed for growth; for people, for plants and for animals to flourish. I am wide, deep and powerful and I represent the river of life that flows within us all, connecting you to your intuition, to Spirit and to the Great Mother. Allow yourself to relax in my embrace, we can tap into the stream of healing energy that is available to us all…if you can let go enough to listen.

These powerful divine feminine energies will be assisting us during this beautiful, transformative time of eclipse season. Here are some ways you can tap into their energy…

Cerridwen… Tending to our cauldron (both inner with self-care and outer with our goals) by practicing yin yoga, reading a book in the park or on the beach, creating nourishing meals to support the belly and digestion or kundalini yoga to raise the inner energy systems.

Venus… Luxury in simplicity; visiting a river, ocean, waterfalls or streams, engaging the senses for enjoyment, sensuality, love and abundance. Prioritizing self-care, attention to personal details and getting plenty of rest.

Anukhet… Working in the garden, planting seeds or harvesting what is ripe and ready, foraging for fruits and edible plants, spending time at the water’s edge, creating space for a sacred bath to release the energies you’ve outgrown, going swimming and giving thanks for the presence of water in our lives.

(( The process is uniquely yours and sacred in every way ))

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