Welcome Goddess! Divine Feminine Messages for August


Warm, slow, satisfied. These are the words that float to mind as the month of August begins to reveal herself. Marked by the early harvest holiday of Lughnasa on the 1st (as well as my mother’s birthday) our attention is brought to the divine feminine as she provides for us in her many ways. This month we’re communing with the goddess energies of Diana (Roman), Demeter (Greek) and Tailtiu (Celtic). Pull up a seat, get a cool drink and have a read with these wonderful and powerful divinities…

Diana… This is the time of year when your senses come alive. The earth is warm and dry, the air is humid and you can smell everything living; be it plant or animal. I am a huntress yes, but I am also a protectress of children and a champion of mothers. I’d like to draw your attention to all of your senses…these are your abilities to know things before you “know” things. Sniff before you bite. Touch the surface before you dive in. Look and watch the actions of others around you. There is so much information to be had when we tap into all of our senses. Try it and see!

Demeter… I am as old as the cycle of time, when planting crops began. Every cycle I make sure there is enough for all, if my rhythms and needs are respected. The gift I bring is of abundance through the careful cultivation of your own cycles. How do you ebb and flow? What supports you when you feel depleted? How do you treat yourself when things are in flow? All good things to consider but for now…let’s pause and appreciate the harvest, made possible by all of the effort and awareness that was generated earlier in the year.

TailtiuI am here to appease your hunger for that which you have been working so hard for! I manage the earth, the land and the early harvests while allowing time for celebrations. The festivities of August (Lughnasa) come alive as I combine my energies with the earth and with your own energy, inviting you to reap what you’ve sown and celebrate your accomplishments! Then I ask you to challenge yourself with where you think you’re going next..this is a time of recalibration and preparing for the next harvest, so relax and set your sights wisely!

These powerful divine feminine energies will be accompanying us during this beautiful culmination of the summer season. Here are some ways you can tap into their energy…

Diana… Long cool morning walks in the forest, taking in a slow meal while you taste all of the flavors, hanging out at a swimming hole and noticing the activity in the water and at the water’s edge.

Demeter… Visiting the local farmer’s market on the weekend, taking your time to purchase freshly baked bread, fruits and vegetables or, arranging a picnic on a lazy afternoon.

Tailtiu… Celebrating your loved ones at a barbecue or outdoor party, attending an outdoor festival and sampling new foods, taking time out for yourself to appreciate how far you’ve come with your favorite meal while planning your next moves for the Fall season.

(( How will you activate your inner goddess this month? ))

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