Guest Contributor: Ksenia Kujanova


For the next three months, I’ve opened the Journal to a guest contributor, Ksenia Kujanova from Russia by way of Italy. I love collaborating with other spiritually-conscious, strong, talented women! She is an artist in the mediums of photography and drawing as well as writing. In her own words…

“I make photographs, draw and write, exploring the roots of female nature.
I am engaged in the development of the author's project, revealing the feminine essence, its connection with the universe, spirituality, the laws of nature.
I work with a permanent model who helps me to reveal these images. Her help is unique because a simply beautiful young girl wouldn't catch this role - these images reflect exactly the Woman full of wisdom, spirituality and experience.
My model is 50 years old, she is a scientist, an international professor and holder of two PhD diplomas, the last of them was obtained recently in one of the northern universities of Italy.
Well, I can say that she helps me to discover and show the Unconditional Woman - let me call her in this way, UW. Because she lives and loves using her sensibility, she studies using her mind - so I can say she uses her every instrument. She moves through the world like a Dream that God used to have during the creation of a Woman.
UW is ancient in her roots and femininity.. and so casual with Marc Jacobs bag in her hand. By the word "my model" now is fighting to wake the spirituality in the European legal science - her well-defined purpose is born from her appetite for learning, always new things, new ways. Her view of life, way of thinking are deep and extraordinary.
I combine the photographs and my drawings. For each work a small text is written, it carries the thought and spirit of the image.
This stream is special because of a non-standard approach to female nature, to her role in the world, far from both bored feminism, and from the blind obedience to man.”

Please welcome her and enjoy her art :)


It is for you, dear friend, who repeats every day "Pater noster, qui es in caelis ..."

Love is in the heavens.. Love is what we are not yet, but we could be, always unknown, stranger, never repeated and never sterile ..

It is for you, dear friend, who tries to be attentive to the little things of every day .. God hides in little things ..

"We ask extraordinary signs of an illusory God and we do not notice the daily signs of the real God. His simplicity is so simple that sometimes we cannot see" - writes Ermes Ronchi ..

These are the little things that speak of God: a drop of water, a pinch of yeast, a mustard seed, a shoot, a shoot, small details that often go unnoticed.

We are simply asked to be able to recognize the life that lives around us ... Close your eyes and breathe the meditation:

I am a five-pointed star lying in the water. I hear the peaceful rumble of the lake. Above me there is the evening sky. Endless, bottomless, colored like a cornflower. I see three young translucent clouds. They drift slowly to the east. I can see the tips of platan's branches. Must say that the color of their leaves is always autumnal, I call these trees “the symphony of the fall”. They are self-absorbed and wince occasionally from wavy warm wind.

To see something else, you need to raise your head and move your feet. I do not want to move. I'll lie here and become a local lake’s star. With some luck, I will learn to glow in the dark. If I get bored, I could slowly rotate on the spot, just moving my hand. First right, then left. I will listen to the whispers of undercurrents and grumbling of the waves discontented with passing boats.

I won’t be lonely. Before dawn, the sky will entertain me with its turquoise, almost green color, and I will give him some funny nicknames. At night, sky will propose me his star puzzles, and Eternity in a dark-blue veil of mystery will stroke my wet hair that will be always free of pins.

Numerous ducks, hysterical gulls and pugnacious black divers will get used to me, and white-winged swans will be peacefully swimming beside, without paying any attention to me.

When the sky will cry and hide from the autumn under a gray blanket of clouds, I will console him and read aloud a poem about the sun. Strophes will become hundreds of solar rays, and then fall into the lake’s water. She will swallow them and lick her lips like a well-fed black cat.

When autumn will get into the white prison of winter, I’ll close my eyes and see warm caramel dreams until spring, I will be a frozen five-pointed star on the surface of the lake.

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