Welcome Goddess! Divine Feminine Messages for September


vRefining, deciding, sorting, clearing and cleaning. We’re all sensing and tapping into the earthy practicality and grounding of Virgoan energy that’s trickling in as we set our sights on future foundations before the colors change…all while savoring the last of the summer heat. The fiery yang slows down and we consider where we’ve been while we prepare ourselves for where we’re going. As a teacher (and as a student) I just can’t help but to feel the pull towards books, studies and structures. The goddess energies this month are here to help us come back to who we are at our core; as we nourish ourselves and firm up our roots for a beautiful change of season!

Ariadne (Greek)… The solution you seek outside of you is actually inside of you. Creativity is key when finding your way out of a maze or labyrinth, especially when it’s been created by your mind! I can help you to shift perspectives and see where the light of illumination is coming through. We dance daily between our head and our heart but the key is always love. To know love is to allow it to move through you so that it can lead you forward.

Oshun (Yoruba)… Where there is water, there is a way! It washes, it soothes, it nourishes…find your flow by coming to my side, at the bank of the river. I can help you see over, under, around and sometimes through! Flow is movement and movement will help to unblock wherever you feel stuck. Your body contains water and it resonates with the vibrations of the messages that my waters hold for you.

Radha (Hindu)… I am here to remind you of your worth, your sacred divinity and calling in your ability to be a vessel of love. The partnership within ourselves must be achieved before we can partner with another, as our self-knowing helps us to better see our reflection in the other. Together we can take action for radical change, in the name of kindness and love.

These powerful divine feminine energies will be accompanying us during this beautiful season of rooting inward. Here are some ways you can tap into their energy…

Ariadne… making the time to reread a favorite book to discover new things you didn’t pick up on before, taking a different path on a trail or in a park to open up new synchronicities in the energy around you.

Oshun… walking along a river or creek, making moon water on the full moon or new moon to drink or bathe in its energy, going to a sound bath or doing breathwork to release and create space for your soul to expand.

Radha… taking yourself on a date to your favorite place because you deserve it, treating yourself to yummy mocktails (or cocktails) to celebrate your accomplishments or buying a new journal for self-reflection to capture the inspiration and stay in the present moment.

\\ How will you be nurturing your inner goddess this month? //

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