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If you've been curious about working with the tarot yet also feel overwhelmed by it at the same time, this workshop series is for you!  We'll be approaching the Tarot in an intuitive manner to better connect with the meaning of the cards. Each week will cover a different aspect of tarot inside and out; from the history of the cards to the structure of the deck, what the cards mean and how they work together, the elements they relate to and how to interpret the cards with a free-spirited approach.


For the exploration of a complete tarot deck, there will be a series of three classes:

  • Week 1 - Intro to the Tarot - The Majors: How to care for the cards, what to do if you own multiple decks and how oracle cards fit into the picture. The Majors will be introduced with their archetypes and transitions.  We’ll see how these ideas fit into our lives, the way they support us during transformation and how they fit into a reading. (90 min, including Q&A and practice interpretation)

  • Week 2 - The Minors - Numbers & Suits:  Personality types, the elements and how they relate to the suits (cups, wands, pentacles & swords) as well as the numbers and how they fit into a progression relating to life cycles. (90 min including Q&A and practice interpretation)

  • Week 3 - The Action Round: Demonstration of different spreads and layout styles, then we practice and play! I’ll give a demo reading, answer any questions and then we’ll break off into pairs to try out reading in partners with the free-spirited approach. At the end we’ll share what we discovered and I’ll share online resources for continued learning. (90 min including Q&A and time for readings)

Bring a journal and pen so you don’t miss anything! Some decks will be provided for instructional use but feel free to bring your own deck if you have one. We will be creating an altar to hold sacred space during each class.

$77 for the series (9/10, 9/17, 9/24)