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Heartfull Healing Academy is for the curious-minded: the budding intuitives, the empathic folks, seekers of magick, embracers of mystery and above all, for everyone who would like to navigate their world with more flow and ease. These courses work together as an intuitive toolkit, helping you rediscover your magic, understand the multidimensional layers of the world around you and support you in creating the life you want most in a heartfull and resonant way. With these courses your inner guidance system will become clearer, helping you shine your light with confidence and embrace the gift of who you truly are in this world!

- Each course will build upon the previous one, so it’s recommended to take the series in order.
- Email support with the instructor will be available throughout the series! If a course is missed due to scheduling conflicts, a private makeup class can be arranged for a convenience fee of $10.

- Enroll in the entire Fall/Winter 2018 series for $88

- The book (Goddess Grows Up: You are the Gift) is required for the series and will be available for purchase at the first class of the series for $14.99, as well as online.

2018 Fall/Winter Series: Part 1


Heartfull Healing Academy: Sacred Container

Creating a spiritual workspace with loving intention (Tuesday, 9/27/18 at 6:30pm)

Every mindful practice - be it spiritual or magickal - requires a safe space to work in. This is referred to as sacred space. Many of us are familiar with sacred spaces in the context of religion such as churches or temples and creating one for yourself at home is no different! When we designate a part of our space to contain high vibrational and intentional work, we want it to be as energetically clear as possible. It’s that place where we will connect with our higher self, angels, guides, God and Goddess to co-create the reality we wish to have in our lives.

This course provides the basics on how to: prepare a space for your sacred work, clear a space of old energy, ground one’s energies and connect to Source energy and preparation for meditation. A must before proceeding with any of the other courses as this will lay the foundation we are going to build upon!

Heartfull Healing Academy: Energy Weaving

Creating Loving and Healthy Boundaries (Tuesday, 10/25/18 at 6:30pm)

Healthy boundaries are important in general but for empaths and intuitives (aka psychically sensitive folks), it’s a must! Healthy and loving energetic boundaries enable us to sense and experience other people’s energies or environmental energies without taking them on as our own. Learning how to weave energy and create a shield will help you to feel less drained at the end of the day, less inclined to take on other people’s drama and will shield you from negative energy as well!

This course focuses on the basics of energy weaving; how to create an energy shield (important for empaths and intuitives), how to create on-the-go shields as well as learning about the chakras and how to use different herbs in tea form to nourish each one. We’ll also create a medicine bag for personal power and protection.

Heartfull Healing Academy: Conversing with Nature

How to Communicate with Plants and Animals (Tuesday, 11/29/18 at 6:30pm)

To build our connection with our intuition as well as with divine energy, starting with basic one-way communication can assist us in shifting into intuitive mode. Establishing a relationship with the plants and animals around us can help us practice this one-way communication, preparing us to grow it into a two-way conversation.

This course introduces communication between humans, plants and animals. Becoming aware of our intrinsic connection to our brothers and sisters helps us to enrich our understanding of the world around us. Both plants and animals carry messages for us when we are able to tap into their vibration through meditative awareness. We can use these messages for reflecting on questions we have or situations we are working our way through to gain a deeper sense of underlying energies and elements at play.

Heartfull Healing Academy: Our Crystal Family

Using the Element of Earth in Energy Work (Tuesday, 12/13/18 at 6:30pm)

Crystals are condensed physical energetic formations that have been created by the earth’s internal environment, through intense pressure and other elements such as heat, cold and water. The crystals we value for their color are also highly desirable for their vibrational qualities as well. Having a toolkit of various crystals can help us enhance our sense of well-being, protect our energy fields, heal our hearts and even draw prosperity and positivity to us!

This course goes over the various benefits of different crystals that we can use to enhance intuition, strengthen our heart, help us ground, stimulate creativity and so much more! We’ll learn about programming, elixirs and creating grids for protection as well as healing.

Educator: Winter Clark

Dates: Sept 27th, Oct 25th, Nov 29th, Dec 13th

Time: 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Cost: $88 per person 

Note: This is a four part monthly online class